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Erika Burnett

Hey, I'm Erika Burnett, Owner of A Single Suggestion. I started the company because my sisters, in business, believed I could do it. I never thought about owning a business, nor did I have the desire to.


My creative juices started to flow in my high school years. I always had a passion for making people feel special. Once I purchased a computer, most of my free time was spent making invitations for various family celebrations.


In 2001, my former manager invited me to a card making class, which I loved. After attending that one class, I spent most weekends, for 12+ years, creating cards as a hobby and sending them to loved ones.

In 2013, I attended a female only networking event, showed everyone my handcrafted cards and was told that I should have been in business a long time ago.  From that day forward, I received an abundance of love and support. A Single Suggestion came to life 6 months later.


Aside from being a business owner, I'm a full-time Administrative Coordinator and volunteer at SCORE Philadelphia. I reside in the state of Pennsylvania.

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