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A Single Suggestion creates one of a kind cards that put a smile on the faces of many people and happy memories in their hearts. This is where one of a kind says it all.

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"I needed some special cards for people under treatment for cancer...I asked Erika if she could create ones for Ovarian and Prostate Cancer and she did...She captured my need perfectly."

— Page Morahan

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January 2022

"Erika is an exquisite artisan. In addition to creating handmade complements that turn heads, she has an amazing ability to take the thought in your head of what you want...and turn it into a tangible design."

—Naketa Thigpen

Thigpen Professionals LLC

"I met Erika at an event and was amazed at her selection. She...provided me to compliment my book...She was fast...I can't stop thanking her for giving me another way to market my services."

— Bea Joyner

Busy As A Bea

"Erika is beautiful, as are her artistic cards. Friends tell me they continue to get compliments when people notice their cards displayed...-the gift that keeps giving. Thanks for the great work and responsiveness."

— Bruce Brownstein

The Wharton School

"...I was looking for a special gift to give my mentor of 12 years. A Single Suggestion was perfect. My card was special, one of a kind, hearfelt, and touching...I will be using this great service in the future."

— Patrice Banks

Girls Auto Clinic

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