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Easy Card Made with Paint Chip

I had an old Behr paint chip lying around and decided to use it for one of my handmade cards. This is an easy card to make. Just follow my step by step instructions and you will be happy with the results.

The finished size of this card is 4.25" X 5.5".

Step One: Grab a paint chip from Home Depot or any store that carries paint color samples.

Step Two: Using a square die cut (the size of your choice), cut out as many squares as you can from the paint chip and put them to the side.

Step Three: Cut a piece of cardstock (color of your choice) 11 X 4.25 inches and score it to fold at the 5.5 inch mark.

Step Four: Position your cardstock vertically and map out the pattern you would like to create on your card. Do this below the scored line.

(I chose a diamond pattern because I love the shape.)

Step Five: Trim the edges of the card, if necessary, to make the card look clean and precise.

(I had to trim the edges of my card because of the way I set up the design.)

Step Six: Using your favorite adhesive, place all of the pieces down on your cardstock.

FYI. To give the card a 3D look, I added foam tape, called Dimensionals (Stampin' Up), to the back of some of the pieces before placing them on the card.

Step Seven: Find a sentiment that you absolutely love, along with your favorite dye ink and stamp the image on the card anywhere you like.

Step Eight: Fold your card, set it on your table, smile and be proud of the wonderful job that you did.

Wasn't making this card easy and fun at the same time? I hope you love your creation like I do mine.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Happy Crafting!!!

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